The Grizzly Growl

2020-2021 Staff

Katie Jones


Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a senior! This is my third year in newspaper and my second year as editor-in-chief. Besides newspaper, I'm the copy editor of the yearbook this year. I'm in National Honor Society, International Thespian...

Samantha Nordstrom


Hi, I'm Sam and I'm a senior! This is my second year being a part of the newspaper staff, and I'm also the editor-in-chief of the yearbook staff this year. Besides being a member of student media, I am a year round competitive...

Analoha Wilkerson


Analoha Wilkerson is a Journalism 1 student. She hopes to be part of newspaper and photojournalism in her following years at MHS. She is a freshman who loves sleep and Netflix, as well as photography and math. She participated...

Bryce Russell

Hey whats up, I am Bryce and I joined Newspaper this year and I'm excited to write articles. I like Minecraft and pokemon. I swear I have a life outside of school.  

Emery Miller

Emery is a sophomore in Newspaper. She joined Journalism because she loves to write and hopes to become an author one day. She is a big theater nerd, and she loves to draw. She also loves to read.

Makenzie Daniel

Makenzie Daniel is in Journalism 1. She is a student athlete, takes advanced classes, and does her best to be a part of the school. Outside of school she loves to shopping, spending time with her friends, and watching movies.

Caden Klammer


Caden Klammer is a Sophomore. This is his first year in Journalism. He joined Journalism because he enjoyed writing stories and interviewing people to get their unique personalities. His favorite subjects are  history and art....

Mia Russell


Hey! I'm Mia, and I'm a Senior this year. This is my first year in Newspaper. I am also a head captain for the Athletic Training program, and a member of National Honor Society. I enjoy writing, reading, plants, and spending time...

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