The Grizzly Growl

New Superintendent Climbing the Ladder

Katie Jones and Bryce Russell

September 18, 2020

Admiring the two pictures on his desk of his family, Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison remembers where he came from. His plans consisted of becoming a lawyer, but he decided, in order to pay for law school, he would teach a co...

New Principal, New Normal

New Principal, New Normal

September 16, 2020

Winfield Makes an Entrance

Winfield Makes an Entrance

September 16, 2020

Cows, Cancellations, and a Community Carrying On

Natalie Davis

April 14, 2020

Every March, millions of people travel to the NRG stadium to perform and participate in the momentous and roaring Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, HLSR. This year after only nine days, Houston was silent. In the 89 years ...

Now That’s the Spirit!

Bryce Russell, Writer

December 17, 2019

At your average school sporting events you have your normal things like the stands filled with people, the greasy food, and the chance you get to have the opportunity to see sophomore Eva Mata screaming for the Bears to win. Mata...

Driving her way to Dallas Baptist University

Mac Sills, Author

December 9, 2019

  As tee time approaches, Meagan Pistone walks up to the tee wearing her purple ladies bear uniform. She approaches the tee box with her driver, and prepares for the start of her game with a prayer with her dad. V...

Samantha Rides On

Natalie Davis

December 6, 2019

Wearing green and gold while surrounded by supporting friends and family, Samantha Stubblefield puts pen to paper alongside her senior peers swimmer, Jolie Daspit and golfer Megan Pistone. Stubblefield officially signed for her commi...

Abbey Wilson: Solo Competitor at State

Natalie Davis

December 2, 2019

One mile left to go, feet pounding, heart racing, and the determination to run faster than ever before.  Returning for her second appearance at the Cross Country State Meet, junior Abigail Wilson, the only Montgomery runner ...

Landon Perdue: Drum Major

Danny Howze, Author

October 31, 2019

Friday Night Lights doesn’t just include the football players or cheerleaders. Same for our Pep Rallies. The band contributes their music to both of these functions, and senior Landon Perdue is leading the band as Drum Major. “I...

From Hospital to Classroom: Mrs. Hatzold Makes a Difference

Natalie Davis, Author

October 11, 2019

The bell rings as students are walking into class. Mrs. Hatzold begins by explaining the warmup and the assignment for the day. As students begin working, Hatzold is adjusting to her new classroom and life here. Hatzold, originally...

Kahra Dunkerson Trots Her Way to Helping Others

Jesee Dunkerson, Writer, Photographer

October 10, 2019

As the dust from the arena blows on a quiet Sunday afternoon, Kahra Dunkerson and Marla Neely get ready for the upcoming therapy session. Dunkerson walks up the trails to search for the free roaming heard and chooses the best...

Hannah Glover Defies the odds

Jesee Dunkerson and Colin Jones

September 26, 2019

When starting Highschool most kids don’t worry about not getting to enjoy dances, football games or getting to walk across the stage at graduation. That’s what Senior Hannah Glover had to think about during her summer before...

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