Mrs. Amy Johnson: Super Sub

Jenna Karrer, Author

Students stand in front of the green screen ready for their latest Bear T.V. segment. Lights, camera, action!

Carefully helping is long-term substitute, Mrs. Amy Johnson, who is teaching Mrs. Jolynda McGrath’s Bear T.V. and Professional Communications classes for eight weeks while Mrs. McGrath is on maternity leave.

“It is interesting and fun,” Johnson said. “There are challenges with any class, but overall it has been really great because the classes work really hard.”

Johnson taught Biology at MHS in 2015 but decided to stay home once she had her daughter. After stepping down from full-time teaching, Johnson chose to be a substitute teacher.

“The challenges are kind of the same as any teacher is presented with, like students not always turning in their work on time or not being ready to work every day,” Johnson said.

When it comes to class expectations, grading, and teaching style, Johnson said she tries to keep it consistent with McGrath.

“You have to gauge yourself against what the teacher prior to you expected and do the best you can with keeping that somewhat consistent,” Johnson said.

Unfamiliar with teaching elective courses, Johnson shadowed McGrath for a day prior to beginning the assignment.

“It is a little bit of a different game,” Johnson said. “It is a little less rigorous and a little more down time, but it can create more fun.”

Despite the challenge of teaching new courses, Johnson said she enjoys watching the creative and friendly atmosphere in the classes.

“It is great to see them being creative in class and doing things out of their comfort zone,” Johnson said.

Hoping to create a level of comfort among all the students in her classroom, Johnson said it is really all about the kids.

“She is very involved with what is going on in class and helping maintain order,” senior Jacob De Sisto said. “She is funny and just fun to be around.”