Ready for Ren Fest

Jenna Karrer, Author

Madrigal Choir, Men’s Choir, and the A Capella Women performed at the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days Competition on Wed., Nov. 7.

“I love performing,” junior Joe Martin said. “It brings me happiness to know that I can make people smile, cry, or laugh when I perform.”

144 choirs from all over the state of Texas sign up to compete based on categories: Large Mixed, Small Mixed, Small Treble, Large Treble, etc.

“I look forward to it every year,” Martin said. “It’s a very open area that allows humor, music, and closeness to many different schools that we may have never met before.”

Each choir prepares three different songs that have a renaissance era theme. This year, songs like “Nelly Bly” and “Lasst Lautenspiel Und Beckerklang” were performed.

“We learn our music over the course of a few weeks,” senior Clay Gober said. “Then we go and give our all on the star at Renaissance Festival.”

After performances, the judges rank the top three choirs. The Montgomery Madrigal Choir placed second in the Large Choir Division. Men’s Choir placed second in the Men’s Division and the A Cappella Women placed third in the Large Treble Division.

“We are one of the few choirs that participates in dressing up, but it is what we are known for,” Gober said. “I love dressing up.”

The choir department supplies students with their costumes, but students are allowed to add their own personal touch.

“So much detail goes into the makeup, hair, and the costumes,” senior Carly Rodgers said. “It shows off our characters and professionalism as a choir department.”

After performing, students are given free rein to roam around the festival to interact with new people and hang out with their friends.

“By far my favorite part of Ren Fest is the people that work there,” Martin said. “They will make you laugh and will treat you like a family instead of just a visitor.”

Gober said the competition is a “great experience” because the crowd “always loves the performances.”

“You get to showcase all of the music you’ve worked really hard to learn for most of the semester,” Rodgers said.