Brooms and Barbeque

Jenna Karrer, Author

Barbeque, baked potatoes, and sweet tea were served to the custodial and maintenance staff to celebrate National Custodial Workers Day on Mon., Oct. 2.

“I look for every opportunity to honor people who give service to our students every day,” Principal Brandi Hendrix said. “Our school would not run the way it runs without all of them.”

National Custodial Workers Day is an established day to recognize and appreciate workers for everything they do.

“They are awesome,” Theatre Arts Teacher, Ms. Nicole Morgan, said.

Head of Maintenance, Mr. Carlton White, has worked at MHS for sixteen years.

“My favorite part is the kids because I care,” White said. “I want this to be the best school ever and the best looking.”

Graduate of the MHS class of 2010, Mr. Theo Reed, now works as a member of the maintenance staff and says it is nice to work at the school he once attended.

“Now I kind of have a friendship with the teachers instead of just being a student,” Mr. Reed said. “I know them more on a personal level and I know what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

Translated by Mr. Rene Rodriguez, Mrs. Maria said she felt good about the administration team hosting a lunch for the staff.

“They work every day and so, I saw it on a calendar and was like, ‘Okay let us do something.’ I had the barbeque and someone brought the baked potatoes,” Hendrix said.