Courting Tradition

Leah Mock, Author


Chosen by their peers from a ballot of 62 seniors from 40 student clubs, sports and organizations, 7 boys and 7 girls have been elected to represent the school on Homecoming Court.

“Being nominated to be on the Homecoming Court is such a great honor!” said senior Priscila Gonzalez. “I hope to gain new friendships throughout this experience and I am excited to foresee what this opportunity will have in store for me.”

Before the underclassmen pitch in to vote on a Homecoming King and Queen, the senior class narrows down a select list of boys and girls submitted by coaches and sponsors. Senior Kelsi Hopkins was nominated for Sports Medicine and received enough votes to be one of the top 7 girls on the list.

“Out of all of the girls who could’ve been chosen to be on the court, it’s really cool that I was one of them,” Hopkins said.

Senior Luke Hablinski, the nominee for Bowling Club, was also nominated by a lesser known organization.

“I didn’t really want to be on the court at first,” said Hablinski. “I’m just a goofy guy who likes to make people smile. I am shocked that many people voted for me. Because of them, I want to win.”

Senior Dallas Freed, the nominee from Robotics, said he was also surprised he was nominated for the Homecoming Court.

“If you have ever seen a high school movie, I would be the underdog,” said Freed. “I had no idea I would be on the court. I didn’t advertise or anything.”

One nominee is using the court as an opportunity to set examples for those around her.

“I’m trying to set a precedent by being kind,” said senior Olivia Egloff. “I think it will set a good example for the younger girls. You’re not always rewarded for being kind.”

Senior Sarah Paddock has been involved in many groups throughout her years of high school, such as Drill Team, Choir, Studio Dance, Track, Club Soccer, Interact, Art Club, Club Impact, Best Buddies, National Honor Society, and Cotillion. Paddock was nominated to represent Art Club, where she is President.

“I am excited to be on this year’s court,” said senior Sarah Paddock. “It was definitely a shock to me, and I think this is a good group of fun-loving people. I would represent Montgomery with my leadership and bubbly personality.”

Senior Darrion Smith was the male nominee for Art Club.

“It’s really exciting to be recognized for all of my hard work and efforts in high school and being known for the right reasons,” said senior Darrion Smith. “I want to represent Montgomery by standing out for the people who are different. I hope to bring acceptance and positivity into everyone’s eyes so that we may stand together as a team.”