Rallying Together

Jenna Karrer, Author

To support the varsity football team compete against Magnolia, students came together in neon attire at the MISD stadium on Fri., Sept. 14.

“This football game was especially fun because of the neon theme,” senior Victoria Johnson said. “I painted my face with neon colors and wore bright necklaces.”

The game was delayed thirty minutes due to lightning, but despite rainy weather conditions, senior Tyler Conrad said the student section was “packed to show school spirit.”

“My favorite part about the student section is being with my friends,” senior Will Crews said.

Along with the student section, the MHS Bear Band played songs throughout the game, such as “Smash Cadence.”

“I am kind of the hype man since I don’t really know how to play an instrument,” senior Dallas Freed said.

It is not typical for students to join band during their last year of high school, but Freed did exactly this.

“If I didn’t join band, then it would just be something that I would regret for the rest of my life,” Freed said.

The Bear Band performed a show during halftime, along with a routine by the Belles, who hosted their annual “Be a Belle” dance clinic. Each year, the Belles organize a three-hour dance clinic that provides young girls with the opportunity to be a Belle.

“The most challenging part is keeping the kid’s focus because they are so excited,” junior Kaylyn Nabors said.

A range of three to twelve-year-old girls danced alongside the Belles during the halftime performance for their candy themed show.

“The fun part is whenever you get to dazzle the pom poms and sing,” seven-year-old Emery Herd said.

While the Bears did not win, they still scored two touchdowns. After each touchdown, three students run up and down the track flying flags that together spell MHS.

“As a flag-runner, you get to go to every football game, get free food, and free t-shirts,” senior Alex Kiszkiel said. “It is a pretty good gig.”