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Photo by Tori Johnson

Erin Averitt (9)

MHS Student Media


As an introduction to exploring the limitations of map making, on Fri., Sept. 7, Mrs. Becky DeBrosse helped her AP Human Geography students understand this concept on oranges.

“The hands-on part was fun and interesting,” freshman Clyde Middleton said.

Students used Sharpies to draw a miniature Earth on an orange, and then, using plastic knives, they removed the peel. Lastly, the students laid the peel flat, creating a 2D “map” from a 3D “globe.”

“I learned that map projections are hard to make without distortion of some sort,” senior Jasmine Harrington said. “It demonstrated the difficulty of transferring information from a 3D object to a 2D object.”

Mrs. DeBrosse heard about the activity at the AP Summer Institute. She said that students “enjoy learning more” through hands-on activities.

“The students were very engaged with the lesson,” Debrosse said. “It showed how the distortion on a map happens.”

While her assignment came out in pieces, freshman Lairscey Griffin said, “I enjoyed it and would like to do more assignments like this.”

“It is very difficult to make something round, flat,” Griffin said.

Other students found the activity challenging at times.

“It was difficult to draw on an orange peel,” Harrington said.

Even though it was a challenging activity, freshman Leslie Williams said “it was easier to learn” through hands-on activities.

“The best way to learn is through enjoyable activities,” Middleton said.