Band’s New Leaders for Next Year

Bryce Russell, Writer

After tryouts, the band directors have decided on the new drum majors as well as section leaders  that have been selected for the 2021- 2022 year. These leaders are assigned to help guide students in the department develop their skills for both on the stage and on the field.

For most students this is the first year of being a leader  in the department such as junior Ethan Thrasher who has been selected to be the trumpet section leader.

“I feel pretty psyched about getting it,” Thrasher said. “I’m super excited about teaching the new freshmen how to do everything and to meet them”

 Junior Mia Hernandez was selected to be the percussion section leader, which she states is “something I’ve wanted for a very long time.”

“Next year is my senior year,” Hernandez said. “it will be super exciting to be in a leadership position for my last year of high school.”

The drum major is the student who helps guide the band during marching season and during pep rallies. Next year the three drum majors are junior Emma Nickerson, junior Piersten Perdue, and junior Sam Fralick. Fralick was selected to be the head drum major for next year.

“I feel very honored to be selected for such an important position,” Fralick said. “It’s obviously a huge amount of responsibility but I feel like I’ll be prepared for next season.”

 Perdue had retained her position as drum major and will carry it on to next year.

“I feel very happy to be able to continue as drum major,” Perdue said. “I am hopeful that me being in this position will help the band succeed.”

During the process of choosing who would be accepted into these roles, a lot of factors were taken into consideration. Students weren’t graded on their abilities to perform or march but as well as their natural sense of leadership.

“Being a leader is being someone that others can depend on,” Thrasher said. “They always will and should have everyone’s best interests in mind.”

Many of the leaders will be seniors next year, some plan to use their experience from being in the band for their future. Fralick said he learned public speaking skills through his years in band.

“Band was something that helped me come out of my shell,” Hernandez said. “It’s going to be great for when I move for college because it won’t be so hard making new friends because it’s something I do every year in band.”