Montgomery Student Council Wins TASC President

Adelynn Willis

Student Council wins the latest term for Texas Administration of Student Councils (TASC) President. They won in April 2020 and will keep the position until April 2021.


“There was a lot of planning involved for the election,” senior Kalani Hayden said. “We had to start planning for it in January 2020 when we announced our campaign.” 


The pandemic didn’t slow down the Student Council’s preparations. They were already steps ahead on their campaign.


 “The planning started before everything got shut down, but luckily we were so prepared that we already had everything we needed from everyone else.” 


Senior Reid Turner serves as President of TASC, which has grown to over 1,400 schools since the start in 1937.


“It matters because we have the biggest influence of councils across the United States since the TASC is the biggest organization across the U.S.,” Turner said. “I do lots of traveling for state conferences. There’s a lot of planning and input put into it, and we have to sit on the executive boards at the state districts.”


TASC’s website states that their core beliefs are that Student Council members “have a student voice, learn leadership, build a support group, and learn and enhance skills.”


“Student Council has made me more outgoing, and it teaches you how to lead and to go out of your comfort zone,” senior Cade Tipton said. “You get to find yourself and figure things out about yourself that you wouldn’t have known before.”


TASC also states, “Student Council collaborates with others to impact their school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts the state, which impacts the country, which impacts the world.”


“The best part about this opportunity has been to work with some of the best students across the state of Texas,” Student Council sponsor Laurie Zuehlkhe said. “There are students doing amazing things and we’ve really gotten to see students who have risen to the occasion, and have still been such great leaders despite the current situation with the pandemic.”