Theatre to Compete in UIL

Bryce Russell, Writer

Performing the show “The Miser” the theatre department prepares to go to the UIL, One Act Play, competition. They will be competing in the first rounds on March 5 at Kingwood Park high school.

“The hardest part about the competition is getting in the right frame of mind.” Senior Kaeden Ottinger said, “You have to always adapt to all the different schools you go to because you never know what you’ll have to work with.”

In preparations the OAP UIL traveled to College Station to perform their show for a clinician. The Miser is a French Renaissance play that focuses on an old scrooge, Harpagon, who hoards money from his children the rebellious Cleante played by sophomore Reece Grochett and the charming Elise played by sophomore Karis Klammer.

“This show is vastly different from others.” Grochett, said. “We aren’t just performing the show for an audience, we are taking it to a competition so it feels like everyone has a bit more of a responsibility on their shoulders.”

The OAP team has worked on their show for the past few months. For many people, such as junior Jace Stampley, this isn’t their first year in the competition . Stampley plays Anselme, an aristocrat who sought refuge in France from his late family only to find them alive.

“This year has been a lot easier.” Stampley said. “In previous years it always felt stressful, but this year I feel that we have a really good company and a really good show.”

The OAP rules state that a company can consist of 20 people as long as everyone on the team has a job.

“Whether you are the lead or you are the stage manager, we all have an equal role,” Grochett said. “It’s fun to see how we all come together and interact to make the show amazing.”

Many of the students who are in the OAP are in many different activities such as Klammer, who is both a part of choir and is a Texas Thespians Officer.

“One Act Play is a huge time commitment,” Klammer said. “I have this planner that I write down all of my rehearsals, and I find my conflicts and talk to the teachers.”

OAP performs for the school on Tuesday, Mar. 2 at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $10 at the door. The junior varsity class will also be performing their show “Anatomy of Gray” that night. The theatre department will also perform their musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” later in April.

“We have made some great memories this year,” Stampley said. “ It’s been an escape from reality for a lot of us here, and it has been one of the best shows we’ve put on.”