Montgomery Cotillion’s Winter Formal

Savannah Shreve, Writer

With cotillion season coming to an end, Montgomery Cotillion hosts their 26th annual Winter Formal Saturday, Jan. 23 from 6 p.m.-10:30 p.m. at The Woodlands Marriot Waterway. Guests will be required to wear a formal gown or a suit to attend. 

“I think Winter Formal will be an interesting experience,” freshman Tucker Francis saidIve never worn a suit before, and I never thought I would.” 

Winter Formal showcases seniors in Cotillion from both Montgomery and Lake Creek High School. Once all seniors are presented, they waltz with their fathers or male family member and then their escortsAfter the dances, all guests eat a three-course meal and have a celebration. The doors open at 5:45 p.m. and promptly close at 6 p.m.. 

“I don’t think masks will affect the event too much,” junior Cameron Harper said. “We only have to wear them in the lobby of the hotel.” 

Masks are required throughout the main parts of the hotel, but guests may feel free to take them off once they are seated or when taking pictures. Professional pictures will be offered for purchase. The senior class board members have spent months preparing for the event, planning the presentation, the dances, the meals, and the decorations. Floral design classes on campus helped make the floral arrangements for the event.  

“I think the highlight would be coming all together and dancing,” freshman Ali Mauldin said. “It’s a celebration. Its all about having a good time.” 

The purpose of Cotillion is to teach young girls’ proper etiquette and respectful manners, before eventually presenting them to society. Winter Formal is a Debutante ball, a celebration of the actual joining to society for the class of 2021. Every senior is presented in a white gown and is escorted by her date and walks to her parents. While they walk together, a pre-recorded audio message to their family plays. After being presented, there is a waltz with the presenter and their male family member. 

“The four years leading up to it was a fun experience,” senior Kenzie Soape said. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”