Theatre Prepares For Second Musical Of The Year

Demi Rodriguez, Writer


For the second musical of the school year, theatre and band join forces for the musical “The Drowsy Chaperone.” Performances are on April the 23, 24 and 29, 30 at 7 p.m. and a  2 p.m. show on Saturday.

“‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ is a musical about a man showing off his musical collection, the musical is written in the 1920’s about a marriage and then trying to be unwed by a producer that depends on the wife’s brand,” sophomore Brayden Havard, who is playing Fedzieg,said.

 This will be Kaeden Ottinger’s final show he will do for high school. Ottinger plays Robert Martin, an actor, who is in love with Janet VanDeGraff, an actress.

“He’s not supposed to be a good actor,” Ottinger said. “Before he started acting, he was in commercials, and one of them is for a toothpaste company that originally had cocaine in it’s ingredients.” 

This is theatre’s 4th show of the year. In October, the theatre performed “Seussical: The Musical,” and in November, “The Boys Next Door.” Sophomore Karis Klammer, previously seen in ‘Seussical,” plays Janet VanDeGraff, the bride to marry Robert Martin.

“Janet is a show off show girl,” Klammer said. “He ends up cheating on her and a bunch of things come into play, but all is well at the end.”

Sophomore Emily Carrell plays the bride’s chaperone, who is an alcoholic that sees the world as a glass half-empty. 

“ I’m really excited because this is going to be super fun,” Carrell said. “I love everybody in the show, and I think the story is really fun.”

Not only is theatre practicing for “The Drowsy Chaperone,” they are also practicing their One Act Play competition piece “The Miser” by Moliere. Zone, the first round of One Act Play competition, is on March 4. The school can preview “The Mizer” on March 2nd at 7 p.m..

“I think it can be stressful at times,” junior Bryce Russell said. “However,  in the end, we are a team, and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

Nicole Morgan is the theatre director and Texas Thespian State Officer Leader, Hall of Fame Theatre Director in Texas Thespians, and “Tony Award” Finalist for Teacher of the Year. This is her third year here. Other musicals she has directed while at MHS include “Addams Family,” “Little Women,” “Charlie Brown,” and “Honk.” 

“This show is a show within a show, which makes breaking the fourth wall to reach the audience more fun,” Morgan said. “ It’s meant to be funny and not taken seriously. Thinking about it, most people do not  have to sing their feelings.”

Junior Sydni Martin, one of the lead chief technicians, will be the assistant stage manager for the show.

“‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ is one of the biggest performances MHS Theatre has ever produced,” Martin said. “We are working with the band and the choir to make this show the best it can be, and trying new tricks backstage, our hope is that this performance will be the best and show our company’s growth since the last musical, ‘The Addams Family.’”