The Fine Arts Departments Come Together for “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Jadynn Evans, Author

 In the second musical of the year choir and band join theatre in the production and performance of “The Drowsy Chaperone” in April.

 The musical is about the cliches of the 1920’s broadway scene from the perspective of the narrator, Man in Chair. The student playing this lead role will be junior Bryce Russell.

 “Being a lead role is pretty easy,” Russell said. “It’s a heavy task, but it’s fun.” He also said he “Wasn’t expecting so much talking,” from this performance, as neither did any of the other actors.

 Choir will take up much of the ensemble, and the band will be accompanying the show with live music.

 “I love working with all of them,” sophomore Kaiden Crimson said. “We are communicating more with the choir this year. I think all of the people here are really great.”

 Sophomore Percy Burns said the department is trying to “make the company bigger” with this musical.

 “We want more people to participate and bring the school together,” Burns said. 

 For a lot of the students, this isn’t their first time participating for a show. However, because of the size of the show and the production, the students performing are experiencing a new way to theatre.

 “I think I’ve definitely grown,” senior Kaedon Ottinger said, “It’s my last show, and I want to show my growth. Theatre completely changed me.”