Gaming Club Continues With A New Sponsor

Johnathan Edmiston, Author

The Board Game Club is a small group of four-six people regularly that meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school in Ms. Laura Page’s room W247. 

It’s a really good escape from stress and school, and it really sparks your imagination,” freshman Christina Jiminez said. “The club is a great environment to come hang out, enjoy board games, and make new friends with similar interests. 

Junior Clyde Middleton is an early member of the BGC since it was created 3 years ago. 

“I joined freshman year because it’s a good environment, and everybody is nice,” Middleton said. “It felt more welcoming than I expected.” 

Though some people joined out of interest in board games, some people were brought in by friends. 

“I was peer pressured into joining by my friend,” freshman Jordan Walding said. 

Although it is called Board Game Club, the club plays Dungeons & Dragons most of the time.  

“My favorite memory was my first adventure when I got three gold,” Jiminez said. 

Aside from Dungeons and Dragons, the club plays a number of other games such as that the members bring to the meetings. 

“My favorite game is 12 Skulls,” junior Farris Behnke said. “I enjoy it because it is very competitive and luck based, just like gambling.” 

The Club was originally sponsored by Mr. Joshua Figueroa, but now is sponsored by Page. 

“I like Board Game Club better thaArt Club because they actually come,” Page said. “sponsored the club because Clyde came to me and asked and promised it would be no work.”