Powerlifting season lifts off

Emily Oakes Thrower, Writer

After the 2020 season ended abruptly because of Covid, the 2021 powerlifting season lifts off with the first meet of the season Thursday, Jan. 28 at The Woodlands High School.
“We have progressed a lot this year,” junior Leslie Williams said. “We have been working off season. My goal is to make it to State again.”
Last year, Williams and senior Kalani Hayden advanced to State, but they were unable to compete due to Covid and the State meet being canceled.
“My main focus is to make it to Region and possibly State,” junior Leighanna Thrower said.
Powerlifting has three lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift. Every student competes to lift the max weight in the weight class; lifters get three tries for each lift with the weight increasing with each try. The max weight of each lift is then added together for a total weight.
“My goal this year is to set new record for myself,” Hayden said. “I also want to break 800 pounds.”
Due to Covid-19, new protocols are in place for the meets, such as parents and family will not be able to attend.
“We have to wear mask,” junior Shane White said. “Otherwise, nothing has really changed.”
Lifters practice before and after school to prepare for the upcoming competition.
“I only practice at school,” junior Justin Snively said. “2-3 days a week depending on the day.”
Powerlifting is now coached by coach Oelschlegel after the previous coach Derrick Hennigan moved.
“I feel like he gives better workouts that involve more than just the basic lifts,” Thrower said.
According to MSN, lifting weights has five health benefits: burns body fat, strengthens bones and joints, reduce injury rick, improves heart health, and builds muscle.
“I really like it,” junior Kennidee Middleton said. “It gives me a really good workout and makes me feel in shape.”