Arting 101

Ariel Weatherly

Art 1 teaches students a basic understanding of art forms. Throughout the year, through various projects and fundamental elements, students take art classes of many kinds. Even from the start of Art 1, students can find classmates that share the same hobbies as they do, or they can improve their skills to their desire. 

With working with art is that there is a big community of people everywhere,” sophomore Ona Enochs said. “Lots of them are willing to help me. Plus, most of my friends like to do art, and they’ve helped me a lot.” 

 As students start to learn about how which colors go well together, Art 1 offers students their very own color wheel to paint and use as reference for the future. Color theory is one of the many art forms, and due to what it gives, for many students it can help them grasp color theory. 

I use the color wheel many different times, sophomore Eleanor Duff said. “Especially when I need to put multiple different colors into one drawing.” 

Students in Art 1 create new characters and even new worlds from their assigned weekly prompts, including an animal in the bathtub, elf jumping on a trampoline, and create a new superhero. 

‘The animals in one prompt helped me a ton,” sophomore Deziraye Hann said. “That prompt actually helped with the design of one of the antagonists in my animated series.” 

After Art 1, students can pick which art form they want to learn more about in ceramics, painting and drawing. 

“I want to get into SFX makeup,” sophomore Payton Haydel said. “That’s a big interest of mine and so I’m taking all of the main art classes they have here.”