Volleyball at Playoffs


Mia Russell

  Working as one on the court, the varsity volleyball team has been competing since August. Unfortunately, they fell short during their playoff match by a score of 0-3 on Thursday, Nov. 19.  

We definitely could’ve come in with a lot more energy,” senior Emma Johnson said. “We’re typically very good at that but I really think it just came down to us being in our heads. We all still played pretty well though. 

The team lost the first set, with a score of 12-5 points. Through the second and third set, the final score was 21-25.  

“We fought hard against College Station,” senior Erin Ducharme said. “Although we lost, the seniors still enjoyed their last moments on the court together. It was a lot of fun and a great season. 

During practices leading up to the match, the team worked on strengthening, conditioning, and studying their competitors.  

 “Outside of practice we also have a team dinner each week,” Johnson said. “That keeps us bonded close, and we work hard in practice, so that we can play tough on the court.” 

  Despite the loss at against College Station, the team brought home the title of District Champions.  

“The teamwork and the way we all know how to click and get serious is one of the main ways we have gotten this far this year,” senior Zara Chapman said. “The girls know how to fight when it’s needed.  

According to Ducharme, she got the most out of volleyball over these last four years than any other activity. She also said hard work has contributed to the team’s success. 

Some of my favorite things about being in volleyball is getting to be around some of the best people in the world,” Ducharme said. “Also getting the chance to have such great friendships on and off the court.