Bolfing’s 100th Win

Mia Russell

In a spectacular win, beating No. 10 ranked A&M Consolidated 38-14, Head Football Coach John Bolfing wins his 100th game as head football coach of the Montgomery Bears.  

 “My heart was so happy because they worked so hard,” wife and teacher Gailey Bolfing said. “I was super proud of him because we had an incredible opportunity and feel blessed to be at one school long enough to make this accomplishment possible. It was a proud wife and mommy moment; all three of our boys were a part of the 100 wins.” 

 The players celebrated each touchdown, as it was one more step to the 100th win. At the end of the game, the players showered their victorious head coach with a jug of ice water.  

 “He’s like a father figure to all of us,” senior Zach Anderson said. “He keeps us in line by coaching us well, and he means a lot to all the players.” 

 Bolfing has 33 years in the teaching and coaching profession. This is his fifteenth year as the head coach of the Montgomery Bear football program 

 Coach Bolfing is a very good coach,” junior Leslie Williams said. “He is hard on us but at the end of the day I am appreciative and grateful for it.”  

 The team hopes that this win against A&M Consolidated will lead to more victories in the future and for the Bears to advance to playoffs.  

 “After the game, he said that 100th win was not for him but for us,” Anderson said.