Basketball season under way

Kicking off boys’ basketball 2020-21 season, varsity starts with a record of 2-5 with the last game being against Magnolia.
“I feel like we’ll perform well,” junior Brock Bolfing said. “We have a lot of talented juniors and seniors that will help; hopefully, we can win district championship this year.”
The first district game is against Lake Creek high school, on 12/18 at 4pm at home.
“I go to McDonalds,” senior Harshith Hari said. “Eat five cookies then do 20 pushups.”
Preparation for upcoming games to get motivated and well fed are key to any sport. According to, teenage boys should intake 2000-5000 calories pregame throughout the day to have the proper amount of energy to reach their best performance.
“Our goal this year is to go 3-4 rounds into the playoffs,” Coach Don Johnson said
Don said he has the team focusing on parts of the game that need improvement.
“Basketball has taught me leadership skills, communication, and friendship,” Senior Cody Johnson said.
Team sports, including basketball, are competitive, real world skills are a necessity for all sports.
“I breathe and channel myself to calm myself down,” junior Jordan Halter said.
In non-district games the team has won against Rudder high school and Springwoods.
“Harshith has worked the hardest to improve,” Cody said” He gets it after in the weight room, and he works out a lot at school. He’s been on varsity since sophomore year and has improved a lot.”