Keep the Late Arrival Wednesdays!

Samantha Nordstrom, Writer

Due to COVID-19, the School Board made various schedule changes to assist students and teachers with the difficulties of online and in-person learning. The most recent change is the late arrival Wednesday schedule; rather than starting classes at 7:15 am., students are not required to come to in-person classes until 10:15 am. The School Board is currently debating whether or not to keep these late arrival Wednesdays in the Spring Semester and next year.

The School Board should keep the late arrival Wednesdays.

One reason why the late arrival Wednesdays should be kept is because they provide teachers with much needed extra time to plan lessons. This school year, many teachers have been struggling to balance both online and in-person classes. It’s difficult for teachers to create quality lessons for online and in-person instruction, post and grade assignments, attend teacher trainings, and more with the little time they have during conference periods. The late arrival Wednesdays allow teachers to get an extra three hours of quiet work time, where they can plan lessons and complete other unfinished work.

The late arrival Wednesdays also provide time for students to complete schoolwork. Many students are involved in extracurricular activities that require time outside of school hours. As a result, these students struggle to complete their schoolwork in a timely manner. Late arrival Wednesdays provide time for students to get up and complete the schoolwork without sacrificing time spent on extracurriculars.

Lastly, the late arrival Wednesdays serve as a vital rest day for students. Students wake up every morning between 5:00 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. to arrive to school on time, and on some days don’t get home until 8-9 p.m. These rigorous hours can take a toll on a student’s sleep schedule and health. However, having a late arrival day in the middle of the week is a lifesaver for many students, especially for those who don’t have late arrivals or early releases built into their schedule. It allows them to rest, recharge, and show up to school ready to learn.

Some argue that the late arrival Wednesdays should be scrapped because it cuts into class time. However, it’s important to understand that teachers will not be able to teach properly if they do not have the adequate time to plan quality lessons. Students will not be able to learn properly if they are lacking sleep and time to complete schoolwork.

Late arrival Wednesdays greatly benefit both teachers and students, and if kept, they will continue to benefit the school and create a more positive learning environment for all parties in the future.