Homecoming Court Takes the Field

Mia Russell

Representing various organizations one female homecoming court nominee is crowned queen during halftime at the football game on Nov. 12. 


Senior Kalani Hayden represents Student Council on homecoming court. 

 “Being on court makes me appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating this event.” 

 She is also involved in power lifting, National Honor Society, MAlpha Theta, and the hype squad.  

“It’s been a really hard year for all of us,” Hayden said. “Nonetheless, it is homecoming. Have fun, go to games, do the dress up days, and spend time with your friends.”

 Senior Ashlyn Herman represents cheer on homecoming court.  

“Being a part of homecoming is so much fun,” Herman said. “It’s been something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I was little.” 

 She also participates in Beartv, art club, and soccer.  

“Enjoy high school while it lasts because it flies by way too quickly,” Herman said. 

Senior KK Morris represents tennis on homecoming court.  

Being on court is so awesome because I love being a role model to the younger classmen, and the girls on court are so amazing,” Morris said. 

 She is a 4-year letter man and an honor roll student.  

“Make the most out of high school,” Morris said. “It is going to fly by.”

Senior Liberty Oliver represents Art Club on homecoming court. 

 “I love all of the people on court,” Oliver said. “I also get to be on it with my best friend. 

 She is also involved in National Honor Society and Art Club.  

“Make the most out of high school,” Oliver said. 

Senior Zoey Prelli represents soccer on homecoming court. 

 “During Covid being a part of homecoming is such a big deal,” Prelli said. “We don’t know what all it will take from us during this challenging year.” 

 She also participates in club soccer and is an honor roll student.  

“We need to keep our heads up and make the best of this year during the pandemic.” 

Senior Mia Russell represents Sports Medicine on homecoming court 

It means so much to be on court, Russell said. “It means I’ve made a positive impact on my community, and to me that’s everything.  

 She also participates in Newspaper, National Honor Society, club rugby, and is an honor roll student.  

During these difficult times, strive to be the best person you can be,” Russell said. Use each day as a new opportunity to reach others. Whether it is sharing a smile with someone or being a shoulder to lean on, you have a place and purpose.” 

Senior Olivia Sims is representing National Honor Society on homecoming court. 

 “Being a part of homecoming is a great honor to receive,” Sims said. “You get the opportunity to be involved with your student body and school.” 

 She is also plays varsity volleyball and is in student council and Mu Alpha Theta.  

“Always be kind and forgiving towards people, and work hard towards your goals,” Sims said. 

Senior Abbey Wilson is representing cross country on homecoming court.  

Being a part of homecoming is a super cool feeling,” Wilson said. 

 “It’s made me feel very special and loved!! I hope I can use it as an opportunity to let everyone know they have a shot at something exciting and big!” 

 She also participates in track and is an honor roll student.  

“Each and every one of you is special, and you are loved,” Wilson said. Not only do you have so many classmates and teachers that love you, but God loves you! You matter!” 



Disclaimer: The writer was also on homecoming court.