Volleyball Participates in Unusual Team Activity

Samantha Nordstrom, Writer


For their annual team building event, the volleyball team is surprised by their coaches with goat yoga on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

“I was super excited when I realized we were doing goat yoga,” freshman Kaitlyn Navarre said. “I was stressing before because I thought we were going outside to condition.”

The players thought they were going outside for conditioning exercises such as running; however, they were greeted by goats from Goat Yoga of Texas.

“My favorite part was getting the time to slow down and see everyone interact with each other in an environment outside volleyball,” senior Raina McWhirter said.

McWhirter is team captain of the varsity volleyball team. She said she thinks Coach Kerr set up the goat yoga as both a treat for a successful season and a motivator for the girls to play well in the second half of District season.

“I feel that my coach set up goat yoga as a team bonding experience,” sophomore Bella Fiaschetti said. “From taking pictures to learning yoga to playing with goats, I think the JV team bonded over such a fun activity.”

Goat yoga is scientifically proven to be beneficial for stress. According to goatyoga.com, petting or playing with goats increases oxytocin, a stress relieving hormone. This helps lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Yoga itself relieves stress as well.

“Any team bonding will bring players together, but goat yoga was special because it was something we could all experience together,” McWhirter said.