Birthday Gift of Giving

Student creates Nonprofit Organization with birthday money for cancer patient.

Mia Russell, Writer

On his fifteenth birthday, freshman Caden Rancher couldn’think of a better way to spend his birthday money than to donate it to Tim Shackleford, a local police officer in needHe hadn’t known it, but that would lead to him to start his own nonprofit organization that served to further benefit Shackelford fight his battle with cancer.  

Rancher created a Benefit and Car Show that will take place Sunday Jan. 17. The organizations profits go directly to Shackelford, who has been working in Law Enforcement for 22 years.  

 Shackelford is a friend of my stepdads,” Rancher said. “He means a lot to everyone in our family, so he means a lot to me. I was willing to help out in whatever way I could.” 

Last year Shackelford was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer that forms in the lymphatic system.  

“His treatments are pretty expensive,” Rancher said. “I knew he would need the financial support, so that’s when I took it upon myself to contribute.” 

At the Benefit and Car show, there will be raffles, live music, a kids zone, and food platesThe admission is $20 to have access to these activities.  

“We have a lot of plans for the event, and they’re still ongoing,” Rancher said. “I’ve been answering a lot of questions at school, and it makes me excited to know that more people are going to attend.” 

In his future, Rancher said he hopes to further work with the community and create more fundraisers for those in need. 

“I would definitely take what I do a step further,” Rancher said. “It is rewarding, and it feels better knowing that I’m helping one of our local deputies. It makes my day better to know that I gave back. This is only the beginning.