Seniors See the Sunrise


Bryce Russell, Writer

To celebrate their final year in high school the seniors are coming together on Oct. 23 in the morning at the auxiliary stadium for the first ever Senior Sunrise.

“Since it is such a crazy start to the year, we wanted seniors to be able to get together and start the year with some kind of positive event.” Student Coucil Sponsor and College and Career Coordinator Laurie Zuehlke said.

This event was created by the student council, led by Zuehlke, and they have been working on this project for some time now. Senior and StuCo President Reid Turner has been looking forward to putting on this event for all the seniors.

“It can be stressful at times but the leadership that comes from it is awesome,” Turner said. “In this year of uncertainty, I hope this is something that brings some normalcy.”

Seniors were treated to food and coffee; then they went to the stands to eat with their friends.

“It’s cool that we get to hang out with some people,” Senior Bailey Brassard said. “It’s our last year here and also the last year we get to be kids.”

While this event has been playing over the announcements for the past week, some seniors are still unsure if they should go or not. Senior Jacob Hammons was someone who had heard about it recently.

“I am excited for it, but on the other hand I do have to get up super early,” Hammons said. “ It would be fun to go with some friends and enjoy the morning.”

During the event, seniors arrived at the stadium in full force to watch the sunrise. Food was provided by various sponsors such as Whataburger and Chronic Taco.

“The best part about this was definitely the free food.” Senior Jacob Sandegrin said,“I loved watching all of us come together”

While the morning was a bit foggy that didn’t stop Senior Clyde Law from making the most of the event.

“It was very cool seeing our class come together for the first time,” Law said. “This is the first event I’ve seen almost everybody at.” 

This Senior Sunrise was the first of its kind at MHS, in an attempt to bring people together from the student council has been a success. 

“It’s been a long time since our school has done something like this,” Senior Nick Enzey said. “It’s going to be exciting spending some time with my fellow seniors.”

Covid-19 regulations have been a huge factor when planning events such as this, and StuCO has been doing everything they can to work around that. 

“We tried our best to make Senior Sunrise to be something fun and exciting while also following all of the regulations and guidelines,” Senior Class Treasurer Rachel Denner said. “Luckily Mrs. Schurr approved the event to be held actually in the stadium and field, not just all lined up in our cars.”

Hopefully seniors will be reunited at the end of the year when they will meet for a Senior Sunset on May 17.