Voting is a Privilege – Use it!

Samantha Nordstrom, Author

When a student turns eighteen, it is a privilege and a right for him or her to register to vote. This year, with the presidential election just around the corner, voting is more important than ever. There are also multiple other elections for local judges and representatives. However, many students neglect to vote or refuse to take it seriously.

Students of age need to vote in national and local elections on Nov. 3 or during early voting.

Young voters’ voices deserve to be heard. Despite what some may think, every vote counts. A single vote can make the difference in the outcome of an election, local or national. So, it’s important that every eligible student vote in order to affect the outcome of an election.

It is important for young people to vote because it affects not only the future of the country but their own lives as well. Many young voters work and pay taxes, just like older voters. The candidate one votes for will without a doubt affect his or her life because the changes and policies they make. Therefore, it’s important for students to do their research and vote for who they think is best not only for themselves, but for the area they live in and the country.

Voting is not only a right but a privilege. The founding fathers worked hard to free this country of the English monarchy and create a democratic government that gave white men the right to vote. Throughout history, women and black men have fought hard for their suffrage rights as well, which paid off: the fifteenth amendment gave black men the right to vote, and the nineteenth amendment gave women the right to vote. This year is the 100th anniversary of women’s rights to vote. Voting was a hard-earned privilege, and students can honor the sacrifices made by going out and using their voices to vote.

Many believe that since Montgomery is mainly conservative Republican and that their votes will not matter or are not needed. They do not believe that their votes will make a difference in the outcomes of elections. This isn’t true. In reality, the majority of our local representatives only win elections by a handful of votes. The silent majority will make a huge difference in the outcomes of elections, both local and national.

Students, go out and vote. The fate of student lives, as well as the county and the country, depends on it.