Why We Should Wear Our Masks


Dayna Lawson

Senior Daniel Miregi shows off his Texans spirit on his mask.

Katie Jones, Author

COVID-19 still has an effect today with a total of 7.31 million cases and 208,000 deaths. Businesses have begun to open up fully as of August, including schools. Wearing a mask has become mandatory, but there have been protests against them.

Everyone should wear their masks until the number of cases and deaths decline. 

By not wearing a mask, businesses and schools will have to shut down due to the increase of cases. This means the quarantine process would have to begin all over again. The new recommendations state that people in close contact with someone infected would not need to quarantine if both parties had masks.

Wearing a mask also keeps people safe from other allergies circulating the air. As the seasonal allergies come around, masks prevent them from spreading and getting others sick.

Although some people are not asymptomatic, they have capability to spread the virus to someone who’s extremely vulnerable. This leads to life-threatening situations. Protecting ourselves by wearing a mask will also protect others. An analogy to compare is between masks and umbrellas. The people who are using their umbrellas (masks) from the rain (COVID-19) are protecting others as well. In contrast, there are people who claim that there is no rainfall and that it is completely dry. So, for them, it can’t possibly be raining. 

Some argue that the virus has a high recovery rate, so masks should not be required and everyday life should go back to normal. By wearing a mask, the cases will windle which will ultimately end mask wearing. Wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others will end the quarantine process as well.

In conclusion, everyone should be wearing a mask until it is safe not to. Ending the outbreak will only happen if everyone participates in remaining safe and wearing their masks.