Cyrus’s Specialty Sandwich

Cyrus’s Specialty Sandwich

Emery Miller

Getting home from school, students are unsure what to eat. Many students are unable to drive to the store and buy food, so they are left staring at what they have, not knowing what to eat. However, what if there was a solution for that? Cyrus’s Specialty Sandwich is the perfect solution for the impending doom of not having anything to eat.

“It’s an interesting twist to a turkey sandwich,” senior Elliott Highby said.

The sandwich can be made with many different ingredients. Plus depending on what ingredients are used, it can taste different each time it is made.

“The sandwich was very well made,” junior Izabella Parker said. “I  had a very interesting experience eating it.”

The best part about Cyrus’s Specialty Sandwich is that there’s something for everyone, and it doesn’t matter what you have in your pantry or fridge,

“The sandwich was good,” sophomore Karis Klammer said. “I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise but other than that it was good!”


  • Two sub buns
  • Mayonnaise
  • One slice of turkey
  • One slice of cheese (any type of cheese is fine)
  • A bag of popcorn
  • A small bag of goldfish crackers
  • A bowl of tortilla chips
  • 5 sour gummy worms


  •  Make the sandwich like normal with the sub buns, mayo, cheese, and turkey.
  • Toast sandwich until it is crispy, but soft
  • Pop popcorn and put a few pieces into the sandwich. The rest of the popcorn can be eaten on the side
  • Crush tortilla chips and goldfish. Sprinkle crumbs in the sandwich.
  • Lay gummy worms in the sandwich..
  • Close sandwich
  • Enjoy!