Come See Suessical The Musical!

Bryce Russell, Writer

The first main stage show of the year from the theatre department is “Suessical, The Musical!” on  Oct 1-3 at 7 p.m. and another show at 2 p.m. Saturday.


“This has been something to look forward to,” senior Kaeden Ottinger said. “It’s really lightened the tension, especially with all of the covid stuff going around.”


For many students this is going to be their first show in the high school department. Freshman Kymberlee Kramer is playing the role of Gertrude McFuzz, a small unnoticed bird looking for love.


“It’s really exciting,” Kramer said. “I’ve been doing theatre since the seventh grade. Finally getting to the high school level is so cool and I can’t wait for the rest of the year.”


For others it is going to be one of the last shows they are a part of. Ottinger is playing Horton, an elephant who cares for a person no matter how small.


“Being a senior doesn’t feel real,” Ottinger said. “It seems like yesterday I was just starting out in high school. To be honest, it feels like just last week I started doing theatre.”


Sophomore Karis Klammer plays Mayzie, the most beautiful bird in all of the Jungle of Nool.

“It’s been super fun to work with everybody.” Klammer said. “We have all been working hard on the show. I think the show is going to be really awesome and anyone can enjoy the message that the show has.”


The show is a musical so there are plenty of moments where the cast is dancing on stage, one of the leads, junior Abel Guererro, said he loves his role as one of the Wickersham Brothers.


“After working on this show, I feel more in tune with myself and my body,” Guerrero said. “I’d have to say my favorite thing this year so far is getting up on stage and just singing and dancing with my friends.”


This show is very different from many of the past productions the department has worked on.  While most shows lean towards a more mature audience, Suessical is more kid friendly.


“This show is way more colorful and cheery than last year’s musical ‘The Addams Family,’” sophomore Brayden Havard said. “We’ve gotten a lot of new freshmen who are all really excited and bring energy to the show.”


Buy your tickets online through the MHS Theatre website. They are only $15 online, but at the door, it is $20.

“You should come see our next show this season, ‘The Boys Next Door.’” freshman Demi Rodriguez said. “I can’t wait to see you all at ‘Suessical’!”