Quarantine Takes Over

Katie Jones, Writer

COVID-19 made its way to the U.S. quickly, affecting thousands of people. As of now, there are 587,257 confirmed cases with 44,207 recovered. There have been 23,649 deaths in the U.S. Due to the virus, most business have been shut down, and people have been told to self quarantine and social distance. However, some people have not been practicing either of these.

Students should stay inside during quarantine instead of going out with the mindset that they won’t get sick.

By going out during self quarantine, businesses will have to remain shut down due to the increase of viruses that is keeping us in quarantine. This means that  people will begin to lose their jobs due to a student’s decision to not follow rules.

When you stay quarantined and practice social distancing, the risk of spreading the virus decreases. By staying inside, the virus will be contained which will lead to overall less cases and deaths.

Lastly, a refusal of students practicing social distancing leads to schools being shut down for longer periods of time. This makes education more difficult because students won’t be able to have one-on-one contact with their teachers when they need it

Although some may believe the quarantine is useless, staying inside keeps everybody safe from the virus. By staying inside, the quarantine will end quicker.

Overall, students should not go outside during this time of need. Social distancing only works if everyone does it, so staying inside is the safest option.