Bears Show Their Strength

Natalie Davis

Competing for the second time this season, the Montgomery Bear powerlifting team hosted an invitational meet Thursday, Jan. 30. 

“Powerlifting is different than other sports because it’s an individual effort as well as a team effort,” junior Zach Anderson said.

Powerlifting involves three different lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. Meets begin with squatting, then leads to bench and finally deadlift. Participants get three chances at each lift to get the highest weight they can lift. Individual places are based on the highest total weight in each weight class. Team scores are calculated on the sum of individual placements, which are ranked on a point scale of zero to seven.

“I had an unfortunate incident with my bench suit at the home meet,” sophomore Micaela Lowery said. “It was extremely painful and had to be cut off of me.”

Squat suits are worn during squat and deadlift and an optional loose singlet can be worn during bench. A bench press shirt is also optional for the bench press portion of the meet.

“Powerlifting is for anybody who likes to lift and wants to get bigger and stronger, ” junior Hunter Delahoussaye said.

The powerlifting team ranges from football players, to yearbook members, student council members, and student athletic trainers. There are no requirements to be a powerlifter.

“It felt great to place first at the home meet as a combined team,” Lowery said. “We have so many girls on our team who encourage and lift each other up, and it’s fun to see us succeed together.”

Both the girl’s and boy’s powerlifting teams secured first place at the meet. The boys totaled 47 points, narrowly beating the Lake Creek High School boy’s team by two points. The girls totaled 67 points, which consisted of six first place medals and every girl placing. The girls beat LCHS girls team by 33 points.

“Powerlifting is the most team-based sport i have ever been a part of,” Hayden said. “My teammates will not hesitate to wrap my knees or be there right after to help me take my wraps off, and I won’t hesitate to do the same for them.”