Bears fall to the Lions

Natalie Davis

Although both Junior Varsity, JV, and Freshman games were cancelled due to inclement weather, the Bears varsity basketball team played their rivalry game against the Lake Creek Lions Fri. Jan. 10th. The Bears fell to the Lions 76-46. 

“The rivalry has always felt like a friendly competition against friends and old teammates, kind of gives you bragging rights,” junior Mateo Moreno said.

The 2019 season contained the first two matchups between the Bears and the Lions. In history, the Bears won the first game played at home and the Lions won the second on their court. The series is now 1-2, with the Lions leading. 

“We treat Lake Creek no different than a normal district game,” Assistant Coach Matthew Monk said. “Our district is very competitive and every game is important.”

Montgomery now has an overall record of 11-13 and a district record of 4-4. Montgomery has 11 more district games before the regular seasons end. 

“It was a great experience playing in a different environment, but still having all your friends come out and support,” Moreno said. “It almost made it feel like a home game.”

With LCHS being only a 14 minute drive from MHS, attendance for both schools were more than normal. Montgomery students blacked out the student section at LCHS, while Lake Creek students wore white. Home and away stands were packed with students, parents, teachers, and administration.

“It was a cool experience to see all my previous teammates,” Moreno said. “We have all grown so much and developed over time and it was amazing to share the court.”

The junior class played high school sports together for one year while the senior class played together for two years before MISD separated into two high schools.

“Just because I am a sophomore doesn’t mean people are going to go easy on me,” sophomore Hezzy Miregi said. “I have to play like I am just as old as everyone else.” 

The Bears roster is comprised of four sophomores, three juniors, and six seniors. Miregi, Moreno, Brock Bolfing, Keshon Hill, Jentry Hood, Tyler Elliot, Cade Tipton, Trey Philippi, and Isaac Lawson are all returning varsity players. 

“Lake Creek plays a very different brand of basketball than we are used to,” Monk said. “We need to do a better job of adjusting to their style and being disciplined. We know what we need to do as a team, we just need to make the commitment and be disciplined enough to do it.” 

The Bears take on the Lions one last time at home on Feb. 11th at 7:00pm.