First Annual Powderbuff Volleyball Tournament

Jesee Dunkerson, Writer, Photographer


 Photo by: Jordan Barton
Kevin Johnson, Trey Phillipi, and Bryce Polan high five eachother after a good play.

The class of 2023 hosts the first annual boys’ volleyball tournament. Four teams competed Sat., Dec. 7 in the morning and one team came out on top. Sophomore Zach Cooper coached Trailer park trash.
“The tournament was a blast,” sophomore Zach Cooper said. “Coaching was so much fun because I got to spend time with my friends while messing with them. Like jokingly yelling at them if they messed up, or telling them to keep up etc.”
The teams were Big Baller Brand BBB, Trailer Park Trash, Doggin’ Volleyball DV, and the Full Senders. BBB came out number 1, then DV in second, Trailer Park Trash in third, and Full Senders with fourth place, coached by junior volleyball player Olivia Sims
“The tournament was so fun,” Sims said. “My team tried their hardest, and we plan on playing again next year. Coaching was so fun because I got to see a new side of my guy friends.”
The championship match was left to DV and BBB. The first two sets went to BBB, then they dropped the third set to DV. Almost every set was a close match as they played to 10. BBB took the lead in the third set and kept rolling with it, winning 11-9, They were coached by senior volleyball player, Jesee Dunkerson and the team consisted of Trey Phillipi, Collin Shearer, Jonathan Huber, Kevin Johnson, Bryce Polan, and Ethan Reid.
“My favorite part of the tournament was competing against the other teams with my friends because I’m very competitive and I love sports,” Huber said. “I would love to play volleyball again. I wish I would’ve done it before my senior year.”