Snacc Club making a difference

Colin Jones, Author

A new STOK cold brew coffee machine as well as chili and cornbread are two additions to the new hotline in the main cafeteria, both were suggested by the Student Nutritionary Advisory Council..

“One of our main goals this year was to bring in products that students actually want, so they can make healthy choices,” SNAC Club sponsor Joaine Parker said.

The iced coffee costs two dollars and comes with the choice of caramel or vanilla sugar-free syrup and up to three creamers.

“When we first did the coffee machine it started out slow,” cafeteria manager Sherry Smith said. “However, it has started to pick up. I just got my numbers back, and in the first week, we have sold 99 servings.”

Smith said that the following week’s sales remained about the same.

“The coffee is really good if you are a fan of strong coffee,” junior Kayli Rich said. “But for my taste, I think we should be able to have more than three creamers.”

The new coffee provides students with a healthier and more frugal option versus buying one from Mcdonalds or Starbucks.

“The coffee thing has been something we have talked about for a while, Smith said. I believe the machine will really start to take off in the spring when it starts to get warmer again.”

The hotline serves students a new lunch item each month on Tuesdays. Smith said that since its opening this year, “sales have gone way up compared to the old subline.”

“This month we have been going with the chili and cornbread,” Smith said. “It has been going okay, we sold about 80 servings in our first week.”

In January, the item of the month will be club sandwiches. They will be on texas toast with turkey, ham and optional turkey bacon.

“Our mission statement for SNAC club is for students to bring together ideas to foster healthy behavior and choices,”  Parker said. “Maintaining a balanced diet is something everyone deals with whether you are in high school or not; therefore, if you can make those choices and be educated nutritionally, you will carry that with you forever.”