Theatre Preforms “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!”

Bryce Russell, Writer

December 5-7 the Junior Varsity Productions classes of the theatre department preforms “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!” designed to show everyone what they had been working on for quite a while.

“I feel like we did really well on our first JV show,” said freshman Brayden Havard, “We are starting to work more as a team and we aren’t at each other’s throats as much anymore,”

Havard also said they could have done certain things better but it’s just a process of getting newer kids more into the swing on theatre.

“All of us did really well,” Havard said, “for some people this was their first mainstage show, some of us had really good monologues and some nice character development.”

Freshman Karis Klammer said she liked getting to know everyone more since this was her first year in theatre.

“I think everyone did super well,” Klammer said “I am so proud of everyone who was apart of the show.”

Freshman Carlie Wilson said that she was proud of the show and that everyone worked hard to put on such a great show.

“It was such a good experience for everyone in the JV class, new to theatre or not,” said Wilson.

Wilson also said that next year she hopes that the technical side of the show is  more implemented because she wished that there was more to the set and lights than what was presented.

“We all know each other,” Wilson said, “we all are synced together and if you have any worries about joining the JV class next year just know that it’s a little scary, at first but eventually it becomes one big family.”

Havard also mentioned that everyone should come see the theatre department’s next production of the Addams Family through Jan. 24-25 as well as Jan. 31- Feb. 1.