Choir and Theatre Go to the Renaissance Festival

Bryce Russell, Writer

Theatre and choir went to the Renaissance Festival to perform their own pieces in competitions on Nov. 5 through 6 . Both groups went to test their work against the hundreds of other schools there.

“The best part of Renaissance Festival was the overall atmosphere of the competition this early in the year,” said sophomore Kellen Moore. “Being able to get into the competitive mindset was really helpful”

Senior Kelsey Van Zandt competed in two different choirs this year and came out of both rounds winning first place.

“It was the archipelagos first time competing,”said Van Zandt, “we were all just hanging out and having a great time and we ended up winning was incredible.”

The Madrigals Choir also competed in the large mixed rounds and came home with the gold as well.

“Winning was definitely a great feeling because we went up against a lot of good choirs,” Moore said, “I’m glad we all pulled together, did our best and had fun with it.”

The theatre department also competed this year in Shakespearean solo, duet and group acting.

“The best part of Renaissance Festival was getting to connect and bond with my team,” said junior Lily Henss, “it was wonderful,”

Henss competed with other actors in the group acting while junior Jakeob Hammonds on the other hand entered duet acting.

“The competition wasn’t the only good thing about the experience,” said Hammonds, “it was the fact we could get immediate feedback on our scenes that we had worked on,” .

Hammonds also said that he appreciated how the judges told them they liked in the bold choices in everyone’s scenes and also interpreted the text.

“Even though we didn’t do as well as we hoped to have done, we know we will be more prepared for next year,”

Hammonds and Moore both said how they appreciate the school giving them this amazing opportunity to get out and seeing how they compare to all the other competing schools in our area.