Now That’s the Spirit!

Bryce Russell, Writer

At your average school sporting events you have your normal things like the stands filled with people, the greasy food, and the chance you get to have the opportunity to see sophomore Eva Mata screaming for the Bears to win. Mata has been trying since the first away football game at Magnolia to receive the schools coveted title of “The Most Spirited Bear”.

“It started out as a challenge between me and my friends and then I just realized how much I really wanted it,” Mata said.

Mata went to every single sporting event and eventually caught the eye of BearTV’s sophomore Ashlyn Michael who had been filming many of the games Mata attended.

“She has been very noticeable at every single game.” Michael said,  “It’s kinda hard not to notice her cheering the entire time. She even goes to swim events, which is crazy because not enough people go to those for the work they put in.”

Even after all the hard work Mata put in, she still didn’t get the award for going above and beyond in spirit.

“I had to watch so many other people get the award, five times in my classes people got awards. I felt disappointed that I wasn’t doing enough,” Mata said.

Even though she didn’t receive the award, that didn’t stop her from attending events. Mata kept going to games and showing to everyone she was the most spirited one in the room for all to see.

“I knew I could do it,” Mata said. “I wanted it to be something that I remembered when I graduate.”

The reason Eva was being overlooked was because BearTV had a much bigger idea in mind for all of her work that she had done. They had created a special award to fit the occasion.

“She had sent in a whole powerpoint on why she should be “The Most Spirited Bear,” Michael said, “we wanted to do something different because no one has ever done that before,”

Michael kept it secret to Eva for almost an entire month to keep the glory of the award. The whole BearTV team knew about how Eva had been the star of all the sidelines. Her hard work was almost fulfilled.

“Oh yeah it was kind of a joke in BearTV,” Michael said, “I even had to lie to Eva on multiple occasions to keep her from finding out the truth about the award.”

Finally on December 9th,  BearTV busted into Eva’s classroom and to her surprise she had not gotten the “Most Spirited Bear” but rather “Most Spirited Bear of the Semester”. The first of its kind was given to Eva for her over the top achievement.

“I am so happy I can just keep this memory forever, I am going to frame the picture and certificate,” Eva said “To anyone trying to get the Most Spirited Bear just remember to keep trying and not to give up,”