The Stress of Finals

Katie Jones, Author

As final season comes around, all students are required to take exams in all of their classes. Finals began this week on Mon. 9 for Dual Credit students and will continue until Thurs. 19 of next week for all students.

“Finals are really intimidating,” sophomore Hannah Coleman said. “The tests come all at once and it is difficult to make time to study for each subject.”

For the first semester, sophomores and freshmen are unable to exempt while juniors will be able to exempt three finals, and seniors will be able to exempt four.

“I wish I was able to exempt,” Coleman said. “Although I am a sophomore, I work hard to maintain all As.”

The final exam policy also states that students who want to exempt can only have up to 4 excused absences.

“I dislike how the final exam policy appears to be primarily focused on attendance,” junior Jacob Hammons said. “If a student has worked hard and performed well in a classroom, they should be able to exempt.”

All absences count, including full day medical, with the exceptions of college day visits, religious holidays, partial day medical, and funerals.

“I believe that students with a doctor’s note who have been absent all day should not count as an absence towards exemptions,” junior Madison Rodriguez said. “They can’t help it if they are sick.”

Students such as Rodriguez and sophomore Morgan Pfaff  agree that the final exemption policy should change

“I do not like the final exemption policy,” Pfaff said. “I feel as if everyone should have the chance to exempt their finals if they have good grades.”

However, other students such as junior Isabella Stowers and junior Abbey Wilson agree that the exemption policy should not be changed.

“I think the exemption policy is fair,” Wilson said. “I wouldn’t fix anything about the way our school does finals.”

Final exams test one’s knowledge on all of the lessons of the semester.

“I feel as if the time period before and during finals can be stressful trying to study for a test that is a whole semester’s material,” Pfaff said.

Students will take their finals over the course of three days. In that time period, students will have to take eight finals unless they exempt.

“I struggle with getting into a steady pace and studying for a long period of time,” junior Lauren Ferro said. “I have to keep in mind that I’m studying for eight subjects.”

Stress is a major factor for students who are taking their finals.

“My advice is to be satisfied with doing your best,” Hammons said. “You aren’t defined by a test grade, and you worked hard all semester, so go easy on yourself.”