Mowtown Showdown

Colin Jones, Author

The Bears varsity football battled against division rival Lake Creek for the second annual Motown Showdown last Friday to close out the season, but the Bears came up short 27-10.

“I think any time you have more than one high schools in a district, there will be a little bit of healthy rivalry between the two schools,” Mrs. Laurie Zuehlke said. “I think our kids consider it a rivalry but also love seeing all of their friends from Lake Creek.”

The Bears came into the game riding off last year’s 43-20 blowout against the Lions during their first showdown.

“I’ve really enjoyed our rivalry with Lake Creek,” senior Turner Anderson said. “It creates a lot of school spirit and it is really fun to participate in.”

Since it’s opening last school year, Lake Creek now shares the stadium with the Bears, and they are required to alternate sides each time they face off.

“Friday night was definitely different being on the visitors side,” senior and cheer captain Lyndie Griffin said. “However, it just felt like we were at an away game and not at our own stadium.”

Senior Nose Guard Aj Hirsekorn said that being on the opposite side “wasn’t the greatest thing, and it got in our heads”.

“I believe we would have won if we were on our side of the field,” Hirsekorn said. “If we could have just gotten a play call,it would have been a different game.”

The Lions took a 14-10 lead over the Bears going into the half. The choir, band, and belles performed a patriotic tribute together from both schools to honor and pay respect to veterans.

“It felt amazing,” senior Belle Kaylyn Nabors said. “I am really glad I was able to show my appreciation for them and what they’ve done for our country.”

After the dust settled, Lake Creek walked away victorious, for the final game of the seniors career.

“I will never forget when we walked over to meet the Lake Creek cheerleaders and got to reminisce about old times,” Griffin said. “I will always miss cheering on our boys during every play on Friday nights.”