Swimming to Win

Caroline Kelley and Landon Horgan

Competing in a swim meet at the Conroe Natatorium, the Swim and Dive team  aims to defend their 2019 state title.

“The team is basically a second family to all of us, junior Kendall Wilson said. “Were really good about supporting each other. As the meets continue to be more important, it would be amazing to see what we can do as a team to encourage one another to be our best.” 

The next meet for Montgomery is on Thurs. Dec. 5 at the MISD Natatorium. This upcoming meet will be Wilson’s tenth meet. 

  “I will have to be in the pool on time from morning to afternoon practices and must practice as much as possible to strive and become a better swimmer and competitor,” freshman Shelby Garner said. 

The Swim and Dive team won state last year, we asked Shelby Garner what she has to say about going into the new year with such high standards.  

 “Consistency and lots of practice is the most important thing to do for the team,” Coach Dale Villemez, head of the Swim and Dive team, said. 

With such a sport like this consistency is something that every swimmer and diver need, every new meet will be more intense and challenging.   

“I think most of the team is doing great,” sophomore Kaitlyn Weightman said. “There are just a couple people that could be more dedicated, and I think that would help the overall attitude of the team if everyone was in it together.”

So far, the Swim and Dive team has completed a total of 12 swim meets this year and counting, their next meet is on Thurs., Dec. 12, 2019 at the MISD Natatorium. 

“With lots of training and dedication I know we are going to do great this year. I am very excited,” junior Sam Wilson said