JV Boys Basketball Win Two at Tournament

Tiffany Lopez and Mary Stinson

Playing against multiple teams at the JV boys basketball tournament on Nov. 21,2019, the JV boys basketball team defeats Waller and New Caney. 

“I like to play basketball because it’s a stress reliever and always been what I’m best at.” Freshman Lance Sykes said.  

“We won against Waller and New Caney Thursday night. Bro its was like the best feeling ever,” Sykes said. 6-4 Waller and 11-0 New Caney, taking the win from both. 

“My favorite team is the Rockets because I’m from H-town and got to represent.” Freshman Drew Chapman said. Most of the players interviewed said the Rockets were their favorite team because they play for their hometown and they are inspirational  

“My favorite player is James Harden because I’ve always looked up to him. He’s been my role model and has kept me motivated to keep playing.” Sykes said. Many basketball players have a favorite player to motivate them.   

“My grandpa has been a big inspiration to me. He’s the reason I’m still playing basketball today. He used to play basketball like all his life.” Sophomore Jordan Hatter said. Some players don’t play just because it’s a good sport but because it is a way to express themselves and their safe place.