School Board Meets to Discuss a Variety of Topics

Opening the school board meeting with a video with their shining moments on Nov. 19, a group of Lake Creek students showcase the video, along with some stories of their favorite moments at the junior high. Some parents attended as well to watch their children present. 

“I can’t wait to see my kids shine,” Robin Holcomb said. 

           Some of the students from Oak Hills Junior High handed out coffee to board members and other people attending the meeting. The coffee came from the sponsor of National Junior Honors Society, Robin Holcomb, the teacher for NJHS, helped her students deliver the coffee. Many of the board members thanked and appreciated them for the caffeine boost. 

“I teach at Oak Hills and am a NJHS sponsor delivering coffee tonight,” Holcomb said. 

The board meeting went over many different topics surrounding the district, including the recent hazing accusations against Montgomery High School. Rose-An Aragon, a journalist with KPRC News came for this exact reason, seeking information for her newest article. 

“I’m covering a story and want to make sure we have accurate information,” Aragon said. “Everybody here is very nice and welcoming and understands that I have a job to do.”

Board meetings help make decisions surrounding the school district. 

“It can be difficult, but we have a very educated group of professionals,” MISD Human Resources and Communications Director Sonja Lopez said. 

Lopez was once an elementary school teacher and is now working with the school board.

“The only bad thing about the job is I miss seeing the kids as much as I used to,” Lopez said.