StuCo Sponsor Speaks at FCA Meeting

Hailey Blaker and Caden Klammer

 On Fri. Nov 22, Fellowship of Christian Athletes met in the auditorium.

  ”Every Friday we hold our FCA meetings”. Sponsor Grant Cooper said.

    Every FCA meeting has one particular goal.

  ” our goal is to learn a little more about god and to care more about people” Cooper said.

   All of the estimated 40 students had their own reason for attending this weeks FCA meetings.

”I was like thinking about god and I was like listening to worship music and I was in the feel to go to a FCA meeting”. Junior Yeny Massengale said.

 Today’s meeting was in the theme of Thanksgiving.

“It’s very easy for all of us to take for granted the blessings that God gives us every day” Teacher and Student council Sponsor Laurie Zuehlke said.

     The President of the FCA has a huge responsibility.

“I remind people to come and I write thank you notes to each speaker” Senior Anna Denbigh, President of the FCA said.

Laurie Zuehlke gave her testimony about her childhood friends and faith.

“God put friends in your life at the right time, to get you through those hard things” Zuehlke said.

 “The choice to find the good in things or the choice to find the bad determines our experience”.