Driving her way to Dallas Baptist University

Mac Sills, Author


As tee time approaches, Meagan Pistone walks up to the tee wearing her purple ladies bear uniform. She approaches the tee box with her driver, and prepares for the start of her game with a prayer with her dad.

Varsity golf player Meagan committed to Dallas Baptist University on Wed. November 13 in the school gym.

“I knew when Dallas Baptist University offered me a scholarship, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” Meagan said.

Because she started playing golf so young, Pistone met her current high school coach, Ronnie Cooper, while she was playing for the junior high golf team. Head coaches Kirk Thomason and Ronnie Cooper now coach Pistone at the high school every day during eighth period.

“Megan is a great ambassador of the game,” Cooper said. “She plays outside tournaments and is always punctual.”

Not only is Pistone committed to the game, her parents are too. Her parents, Charlie and Gretchen, help out the team by bringing golf carts of food when needed. With the help of her parents, Meagan began competing in South Texas PGA Little Linksters events soon after starting her golf career. Now, they watch her compete in school and outside of school golf tournaments.

“My biggest support system through high school has definitely been my family and my coaches,” Meagan Pistone said. “They have been through the good and bad times, and I couldn’t be getting a golf scholarship without their help and positivity.”

Dallas Baptist University is a Christian liberal arts university. Dallas Baptist University is a division 2 school with an enrollment of 4,766 students as of the fall semester of 2018. The university is located in southwest Dallas overlooking Mountain Creek Lake.

“I am very excited to be attending college next year and to see what it’s like to live on my own,” Meagan Pistone said. “It’s going to be very hard being three hours away from my family though.”

According to Athnet, in order to be recruited for a sport such as golf to Dallas Baptist, students must be actively engaged in their activity. Regarding golf, this includes competing in outside tournaments and being watched by college coaches.

“As Meagan leaves high school golf and plays for DBU, I will miss making every tournament to see Meagan compete, and most of all I will miss our prayer time before she tees off on the 1st hole,” Charlie Pistone said.