Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat


Katie Jones, Author

Collecting canned goods from different houses, the theatre departments at all MISD schools hosted a service project called “Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat.”

“We all got together to send flyers out to different neighborhoods,” sophomore Bryce Russel said.

Before the students collected cans, they met at the front of the school to grab flyers and bags for the canned goods.

“Being able to help families in need was very eye opening,” junior Maddie Rodriguez said.

After sending flyers out, the theatre department went to P-6 Farms.

“I was glad we went to P-6,” freshman Brayden Harvard said. “I got to meet the junior high kids and get to know them.”

The following week on Wed., Oct. 30, students returned to the neighborhoods to pick up the canned goods.

“My favorite part was bonding with my group as we picked up cans,” freshman Luke Homann said.

The students participated in a challenge to see who could obtain the most cans. Prizes were given out at the pizza dinner in the Black Box Theatre.

“At the end of the day, there were tons of cans,” sophomore Hannah Coleman said. “One side of the Black Box Theatre was completely covered.”

Once the cans were collected, the student Board of Theatre donated them to a church for families in need.

“It feels rewarding to help families who are not as fortunate,” Rodriguez said. “I’m thankful for how much our theatre department cares about other people.”