Swim and Dive splashes away the competition

Mac Sills, Author

The defending 5A Swim and Dive team took on Lake Creek at home on Thursday, October 17.

“As a team, I’d say we’re doing pretty good,” junior Siaki Nelson said. “People have been swimming close to their best times from last year, and we’ve made a lot of improvements.”

At their most recent home swim meet, swimmers raced down the lanes with the timer ticking; their peers were cheering them on. The team has competed in four meets so far this year, sometimes with several schools at a meet. Huntsville High School was supposed to attend the Oct. 17 meet, but they did not show.

“This meet isn’t very significant, even though this is our rival school,” sophomore Camron Harper said. “Most of us swam together before the school split, so we’re all friends.”

Swim team managers, sophomore Clair Groner and junior Megan Moore, were at the meet recording swimmers’ times and cheering on their peers. As team managers, the girls’ duties include recording swimmers’ times at meets, and they swim at practices.

“I like to organize and keep things in order, so managing is good for me,” Groner said. “I like to swim as well, but I hate the competition aspect. By being manager, I get the best of both worlds.”

Junior Abbey Binns and sophomore Cameron Harper are also members of the swim team. When asked what their favorite races are, Binns’s said she preferred breaststroke because “it’s calming in a way.” Both of Binns’s parents swam in high school, as well as her older sister, Mallory, who graduated last year. Harper says his favorite race is the 200 backstroke because he “likes long distance races.” Harper hopes to get a swimming scholarship and go to Texas A&M.

“Swim is the only sport I think is fun,” freshman Shelby Garner said. “I’ve tried almost every other sport, and swimming is the one for me.”

Kaitlyn Weightman won her 500 Yard Freestyle race against Hannah Smith from Lake Creek. Swimming from one side of the pool to the other is 25 yards, therefore, swimming a 500 is 20 laps. Nelson won the 50 Yard Freestyle race with a time of 23:83.

“I swim to stay in shape for water polo,” Nelson said. “My mom wanted me to try out because my older brother plays, and I fell in love.”

The swim team coach, Coach Villemez, has been teaching for a total of 31 years, 18 of them being at Montgomery High School.

“Coach Villemez is the nicest coach on earth,” Garner said. “He’s always there for us when we need him.”