Super Spirit

Lauren Maciariello, Writer

This year’s Student Council has chosen a group of 14 students to be spirit leaders. Their job is to get the students involved and excited at pep rallies and all extracurricular events. 

“I think when students see other students being loud and supporting others, they are more likely to join in,” Student Council sponsor Laurie Zuehlke said 

Spirit leaders like Colin Shearer and Claire Orr led the first pep rally of the year on Sep. 27. The theme was the superhero, so spirit leaders and administration alike were wearing capes and costumes.  

“Leading pep rallies is one of my favorite things that I get to be involved in at school,” Shearer said. It is really cool to see the whole school come together and get excited for the football game that night.” 

Spirit leaders go to fine arts performances, academic competitions, and all sporting events to cheer on their peers. 

“It makes us feel appreciated knowing the school is behind us cheering us on,” senior football player Cole Morris said. 

Spirit leaders are also involved in all sorts of activities like power lifting, choir, football, baseball, and bowling. 

“I think it develops some love for the school, that way you’re not just here, but you somewhat get to have some fun while being there,” Senior Cade Tipton said. 

Zuehlke said Student Council thinks our school has amazing school spirit, which is why Student Council create this organization, to try to capitalize on the strong fan base. 

“We just wanted to make the most of our experience in high school and have fun with our friends,” Shearer said. 

Spirit leaders can be seen at all games in their signature overalls, which are decorated in school colors and symbols. 

“It’s a really good experience.” Tipton said. “You get to meet a ton of new people while being able to get yourself out there at your school, but remember, in all cases of having spirit… be loud and go all in.”