Landon Perdue: Drum Major

Danny Howze, Author

Friday Night Lights doesn’t just include the football players or cheerleaders. Same for our Pep Rallies. The band contributes their music to both of these functions, and senior Landon Perdue is leading the band as Drum Major.

“I am a role model and a leader for the entire band.” Said Perdue. “I am the conductor for the entire band.”

When he is performing with the band he must conduct what is going on and help lead the band into producing their music alongside his two other Band Majors. Although this may be a responsible role for the band Landon says he doesn’t feel a lot of stress.

“I was never really stressed, very weird at the beginning it took about a week to adjust.”

In the history of Drum Majors for the Montgomery High School Band all of them have been seniors, but that isn’t a coincidence.

“It takes three years of hard work, and in history only seniors have been drum major.” Claimed Perdue. “Interacting with bandmates, getting positive feedback, I feel accomplished.”

Landon talked about watching the other Drum Majors as he was working in band his first three years of high school, in order to be better than them when he filled their shoes.

“We hope to improve and continue it even after we’re gone, so they can be better than us.”