From Hospital to Classroom: Mrs. Hatzold Makes a Difference

Natalie Davis, Author

The bell rings as students are walking into class. Mrs. Hatzold begins by explaining the warmup and the assignment for the day. As students begin working, Hatzold is adjusting to her new classroom and life here.
Hatzold, originally from Mission, Texas, joined the staff at Montgomery High School this year. She teaches Principles of Health Science and Medical Terminology, as well as being a sponser for Future Health Professionals of America (HOSA).
“I was the first and only teacher; I taught all the different classes,” Hatzold saisd. “It was very different than Montgomery.”
Montgomery’s Health Science pathway offers Pharmacology, Certified Medical Assistant, and Certified Nursing Assistant while Caney Creek only offered Medical Assistant. Hatzold is now a part of a team instead of being the sole teacher. Dr. Laga, Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Meyers are the other members of the Health Science department.
“My favorite part of teaching is seeing the students apply what they in class in their everday lives and watching their communication skills grow,” Hatzold said.
Hatzold teaches a wide range of students: freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can either enroll in her classes or be a member of HOSA.
“The most rewarding part of teaching is knowing that the kids are intrested in the lesson and enjoying what they are learning,” Hatzold said.