Hannah Glover Defies the odds

Jesee Dunkerson and Colin Jones

When starting Highschool most kids don’t worry about not getting to enjoy dances, football games or getting to walk across the stage at graduation. That’s what Senior Hannah Glover had to think about during her summer before starting what are supposed to be the best four years of her life.
“I was stuck in a sitting position which caused me to have to be in a wheelchair until the summer before sophomore year,” Glover said. “Then I found a doctor who would diagnose me and fix my legs.”
Glover was born not being able to swallow which caused her body to form a blood clot with bad bacteria that settled in her knees. Which killed her middle growth plate. The sides of her growth plates continued growing causing her femurs to grow backwards, trapping her in a sitting position.
“Highschool was very different for me because I started freshman year in a wheelchair, had major surgery sophomore year and had to learn how to walk junior and senior year,” Glover said.
Going through major life changes and being so young has given Glover a mature outlook on life and has taught her a few lessons along the way.
“High school has shown me who my true friends are and that don’t have to please everyone and care about what they think which has been good,” Glover said. “But high school has also shown me not just students, but some teachers too are not very accepting to those who are special.”
Glover said that she had overcome so many challenges along the way, but It’s especially hard when you’re different from everybody else.
“My mom has been my biggest supporter, honestly don’t know what I’d do without her,” Glover said.
Having to go through high school and such great adversity at being 15 years old is not something most teenagers have to deal with. “If I could go back to before the surgery, I think I would tell myself to not give up hope because I started to think I would never get to walk around or take the stairs,” Glover said.